Mr Trevor Bond Founder

The value and importance of loyalty, quality together with value has been at the heart of Trevor’s life since a young age and forms the backbone and principles to Sirius Maintenance.


His first role was at the hugely important Boadicea House (BOAC computer building), Heathrow Airport, London. It was created as a replica and back up should anything fail at Sky House. Trevor has treated security sensitive, high profile projects such as the BOAC computer buiding exactly as he would private residential work.


Working for the likes of Drake and Skull provided a great footing and even when they lost their contract, Trevor’s drive, determination and flexibility allowed him to see opportunities within the  commercial sector, working for Ernst and Young, refurbishing their prestitgious stock exchange floor in Broadgate Centre, Liverpool Street.


From there on, the clients grew, the scope of work grew, all the while broadening and growing Trevor’s experience and knowledge contracts in electro mechanical engineering for Amec and JP Morgan, St. Pauls. New offers presented themselves and an offer to work with Barrett Homes on new builds was embraced. 


The next chapter was the setting up of Trevors first electrical company. Contracts for Peugot London West (Brentford main garage body workshop, warehouse, Chiswick and Hanwell dealership) and City Citroen Main Warehouse and Garage and dealerships again gave Trevor high levels of responsibility with high value and deservedly high demanding brands. 


Soon after a trip to Dubai gave Trevor an opportunity to open a residential maintenance business to service to high end luxury propoerties being built. On his return to the UK he worked together with Friary Electrical on a major groundbreaking project for the NHS. The St. Thomas’s Hospital major upgrade for all facilities, theatres and wards in order to afford better care involved working on the hybrid theatre and installing Europes first million pound vascular theatre. In addition The Evelina Children’s Hospital next door involved Trevor working in the Radiologogy department installing a brand new X-ray machine. From there he went to Royal Marsden South Kensington and installed 2 MRI machines in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology CT Scan.


Since then he has done projects for M&S HQ, their warehouse in White City and The Rama Hotel in Marble Arch also owned and operated by M&S.


He continues to provide event cover at Wembley Stadium and has been contracted to undertake electrical projects as well as maintenance works. Some of the highlights were assisting with stage builds for concerts this year for Cold Play, Rihanna & Beyonce. The Billy Joel concert deserves a special mention as it was a project run from start to finish.


Trevor puts fitness at the heart of his success. Fit body, fit mind. It is this clarity since childhood which gives Sirius Maintenance its reliability and respect.